NCIOPL Leadership Council

The Leadership Council of NCIOPL is an advisory board of interested, informed and involved volunteer supporters that serve the Institute as advisors on various important issues and act as goodwill ambassadors and advocates for the Institute in the state.

The objectives of the Leadership Council are three-fold: outreach, advocacy, and support of NCIOPL.

The Council achieves these objectives by encouraging its members to:

  • Disseminate information about NCIOPL to relevant and interested parties in the state
  • Identify potential supporters for NCIOPL and make referrals to the Executive Director
  • Make recommendations for potential Council members in an effort to have representation from all political perspectives and geographic areas within the state
  • Act as ambassadors for the NCIOPL
  • Be willing to attend high-profile outreach events, or recommend others to do so
  • Provide feedback to the Institute’s Board of Directors
  • Assist in recruiting participants for all NCIOPL programs

There will be one meeting held annually for members to stay informed about NCIOPL programs and issues.  Quarterly written correspondence will be provided to members of the Leadership Council.

The membership is representative of those who are supporters of the mission of NCIOPL, such as alumni, former Board members, and community friends.

Membership is self-perpetuating, with no term limits.  Members serve at the pleasure of the Chair.  Members will be encouraged to suggest potential members and help the Chair recruit membership.

The Chair is a two-year position, appointed by the NCIOPL Board of Directors.  The Chair will provide feedback and recommendations through the Executive Director of NCIOPL.

Annual Leadership Council Meeting – March 11, 2017

Honorary Fellows – The Honorable Rufus Edmisten, Ross Harris, The Honorable Henry Frye, and Ralph Mitchell

Executive Director, Ross Harris opening the annual meeting of the NCIOPL Leadership Council.

NCIOPL Board Chair, Nelle Hotchkiss reads the proclamation to award the title of “Honorary Fellow” to Justice Henry Frye.




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