The NCIOPL Women on Board is a one-day workshop that will demystify the process of getting women appointed to and serving on boards.

Appointed leaders play key roles in state and local government and oversee a broad array of policy areas and functions, ranging from education and healthcare to utilities and lotteries. The NCIOPL Women on Board Program is a one-day workshop that will demystify the process of getting women appointed and serving on Boards.

Women from all backgrounds and careers have the skills necessary to pursue these public service opportunities. This program energizes women to seek appointed positions in their communities, in addition to improving their confidence and networking skills.

Appointed service can vary widely depending on:

  • The level of government involved – local, county, or state
  • The range of responsibilities held by its members – advisory or direct operations
  • Whether the position is part time or full time
  • The duration of the assignment – permanent or short-term
  • Whether its members are paid or not

This program focuses on the track record of women in public service and how the participants can continue and improve on that record.

The Women on Board workshops has four key components:

current situation

thorough understanding of the current situation in NC for women in public service, and the opportunities and challenges of becoming involved

online research

in-class online research to determine female participation on boards and commissions in their communities

service plan

write their own public service plan to guide them in how they plan to implement the strategies they have learned

panel discussion

panel discussion of key women leaders where the participants can ask any/all questions about what their paths were toward their successes

Host or Attend a Women on Board Workshop

Women on Board workshops are sponsored/hosted by any organization interested in encouraging women to get involved in public service. The cost to the sponsoring organization is $1,750, plus the cost of lunch. NCIOPL provides the workshop materials and panelists. The program typically begins at 10:00am and concludes by 3:00pm.

Contact us if your organization would like to host a workshop or if you are interested in attending one.

Women on Board Workshop Request